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Property Damage and Loss in California Fires

Emotional Distress and Loss of Cherished Possessions in California Fires

Home fires cause injury, death, and loss of property, leaving families homeless and bereft of photos, treasures, heirlooms, beloved toys, and many irreplaceable items of sentimental value. Many fire victims faced with the total loss of their home suffer extreme emotional distress as they realize that everything they’ve built together as a family is gone.

The unpredictability and terror of the fire may overshadow the sense of security once associated with your home, adding to the health problems, financial hardship, and displacement that often follow a fire. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is common in a fire’s aftermath. If your family has lost your home to fire, you may feel overwhelmed with sorrow as you begin to realize the extent of your loss.

Insurance Blues after a Fire Loss

To compound the problem, many families are shocked to learn that their insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover their home’s present replacement value. Not only that, items that have only sentimental value are lost, which often causes families extreme emotional anguish. Cherished possessions, for example photos of your children and important events and rites passage—birthdays, graduations, weddings, for example— are irreplaceable treasures, but difficult to assign a value.

vaseThis planting pot was a gift to Gerald Singleton from his clients, a family whose home was destroyed by fire. The family’s children pieced it together from shards they collected from the ashes of their home.

Legal Assistance to Recover for Physical, Emotional, and Property Fire Damages

This is a time when having an experienced fire damage attorney can make a great difference in your life by helping you obtain compensation, not only for losses that have a specific dollar value, but also for those lost possessions that mean so much to you emotionally.

The California property loss and damage fire Lawyers at the Singleton Law Firm understand the emotional and financial hardships that are all but inevitable when you’ve lost your home to a fire. We are among California’s most successful fire damage attorneys, with a record of obtaining millions of dollars in compensation for families left homeless by fire. Our attorneys helped win monetary awards for more than 1600 victims of the 2007 Witch Creek, Guejito, and Rice Canyon wildfires in lawsuits against San Diego Gas and Electric Company, whose faulty maintenance was shown to have started these devastating blazes.

Our California fire damage lawyers have extensive legal knowledge, well-honed litigation skills, and access to experts to help us investigate a home fire to identify what caused it and who was at fault. We will fight for your right to compensation for your property loss and other expenses, for any injuries or health problems you or your family suffered as a result of burns or smoke inhalation, and for the emotional anguish and psychological distress that typically follow the loss of a home and the terrifying experience of a fire.

Immediately after the Fire . . .

If you’ve lost your home to a fire in Southern California, make sure that anyone who was present and exposed to smoke, flames, or heat receives immediate medical attention. If you need help finding shelter, the local chapter of the American Red Cross is an excellent resource for short term housing.

It is in your best interest to bring an attorney from the California Fire Lawyers at the Singleton Law Firm on board immediately. We will identify any parties who may have liability for the fire and conduct negotiations with their corporate legal teams or insurance providers. We will handle all negotiations for you and work to expedite the payment of your claim so you can pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild. Whenever necessary, we will institute lawsuits on your behalf against those who are at fault but unwilling to voluntarily pay adequate compensation.

Call the California Fire Property Damage Lawyers for a Free Consultation

Don’t delay in getting the recovery process moving. The California Fire Lawyers offer a completely free consultation, and we accept fire damage cases on a contingency retainer. That means we’ll front all the expenses for the investigation and preparation of your case for litigation. You will pay nothing at all unless we win money for you.

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